Lakewood Scoop: The Hyperlocal News Source for Lakewood, New Jersey


The Lakewood Scoop is a hyperlocal news source for Lakewood, New Jersey, that was founded in 2008. The online publication covers local news, events, and happenings in and around the township. The Lakewood Scoop has gained a reputation for being one of the most reliable sources of news and information in the area. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Lakewood Scoop, its history, and its impact on the community.


The Lakewood Scoop was founded in 2008 by a local resident named Yossi Gestetner. Gestetner saw a need for a reliable source of news and information in the Lakewood community, and he decided to create one himself. Initially, the Lakewood Scoop was a small blog that covered local news and events. However, as its readership grew, the publication expanded its coverage and became more of a full-fledged news site.

Today, the Lakewood Scoop is one of the most popular news sources in the area, with thousands of readers visiting the site every day. The publication has a team of reporters and editors who work tirelessly to bring readers the latest news and information from around the township.


The Lakewood Scoop covers a wide range of topics, including local news, crime, politics, education, and business. The publication also features an events calendar, where readers can find out about upcoming events in the area. In addition to its news coverage, the Lakewood Scoop also features opinion pieces, editorials, and letters to the editor.

One of the things that sets the Lakewood Scoop apart from other news sources is its commitment to accuracy and impartiality. The publication has a strict editorial policy that ensures that all articles are fact-checked and unbiased. The Lakewood Scoop also has a code of ethics that all of its reporters and editors must follow.


The Lakewood Scoop has had a significant impact on the community in Lakewood. The publication has become a trusted source of news and information for residents, who rely on it to stay informed about what’s happening in their town. The Lakewood Scoop has also been instrumental in raising awareness about important issues in the area, such as education, crime, and politics.

In addition to its news coverage, the Lakewood Scoop has also been involved in a number of community projects and initiatives. The publication has organized charity drives, food drives, and other events to help those in need in the community. The Lakewood Scoop has also been a vocal advocate for local businesses and has worked to promote economic development in the area.


The Lakewood Scoop is a valuable resource for the Lakewood community, providing residents with accurate and impartial news and information. The publication has become an important part of the fabric of the community, and its impact can be felt in many different ways. Whether it’s covering local news, organizing community events, or advocating for local businesses, the Lakewood Scoop is committed to serving the needs of its readers and the community as a whole.

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